Eight Bridges Helps

We’re a popup food bank in Livermore, CA, supporting local restaurant workers in a time of need.

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Good things come from Sysco
Good things come from Sysco

Eight Bridges Helps Update

Eight Bridges Brewing has reached the end of the popup food bank. We want to thank all of our volunteers and those who donated food for helping us make this happen. A huge thanks to Performance Food Group, Digital Minerva and Palefire Brewing as well for getting this going. The food bank will not be open past May 18th. If the situation changes, we may open back up as needed.

spread the word

Share our page on social media and make sure people who are in need of help know about Eight Bridges Helps.

Sign up for a shift to help prepare donations and greet guests as they visit the tap room.

Donations are graciously accepted. Non-perishable food items can be dropped off at Eight Bridges Brewing inc. and monetary donations will be welcomed at our GoFundMe page shortly. All donations will benefit restaurant workers directly.

Take what you need

Eight Bridges Helps provides shelf-stable food to make this uncertain time a little more manageable for you and your family

Concept & Mission

Eight Bridges Helps is a partnership between Eight Bridges Brewing Co, Performance Foodservice-Northern California, Pale Fire Brewing and Digital Minerva. Our goal is to help people in the restaurant industry with direct support by supplying food products, free of charge.

The restaurant industry has been decimated by the COVID-19 virus and our country’s need to close or restrict public gathering spaces. Hundreds of restaurant workers in the San Francisco Bay Area and the surrounding area have been laid off with no idea of when they will be able to return to work. This means, for many, a total loss of income with little warning.

Eight Bridges Brewing has a large, airy tap room which, like most restaurants, is presently closed to the public. We have put that space to work as a pickup location for food items generously donated by Performance Foodservice-Northern California. Anyone in the restaurant industry is welcome to stop by our space and pick up shelf stable food items for themselves and their families in this time of need.

Pale Fire Brewing was the originator of this idea and has graciously asked us to promote the “Help” concept in the San Francisco Bay Area in Support of Performance Foodservice-Northern California. Digital Minerva has donated their services through the creation, hosting, maintenance and ongoing updates of this website which provides up to date information to those in need.

Responsible sanitation and social distancing measures will be followed at all times.

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